Las Vegas NV, 01/27/1980

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January 27, 1980

I’m still in this Vegas.  I had hoped to be on my way back to Massachusetts, Monday or Tuesday after collecting my winnings, but I had a few things to take care of, and it turns out even here they’re harder than I expected.

I need identification, and I figured that it would be easier to find the kind of people willing to aid in that sort of thing easier here than in Massachusetts.  I might have been right, but it’s still not easy.  After collecting my winnings on Monday afternoon, I approached a prostitute, because she was the only person I knew beyond a doubt was breaking the law, and asked her if she knew where I could find someone to get some documentation.

“You don’t sound foreign darlin’, what are you Canadian?” she asked me without any suspicion.

“Yeah, from Toronto.”

“I got a client I think might be able to hook you up, but I don’t know where he lives.  He usually comes and finds me.”

“Any chance you can check with him next time you see him?”

“I guess.”

I gave her $20.

“Yeah, just check back with me tomorrow.  Might take a couple of days for him to come around though. Ok?”

I nodded and walked away.  She wasn’t as pretty as some of the other girls I had seen walking around, but she was certainly friendlier.


I went back three days in a row, would chat with her a while each time, but not walk with her, didn’t want for us to get picked up for solicitation.  Each day I gave her $20, her name was Destiny.  If she managed to get me all set up with what I needed, she would have lived up to her name.

Thursday I went back, and after a few minutes of talking he walked over.  Apparently she had signaled him, from where he’d been watching.  I told him roughly what I needed, and he told me that he could get it all for me, but it would take a few days.  I wasn’t sure how it would work, but I gave him the name that I wanted, I wouldn’t be Mike anymore, I was going to be Darren.  My birthday would no longer be August 29th 1984, but instead would be November 27th, 1953—in my seemingly endless free time since I arrived in Las Vegas, I figured out what my birthday should be based on how I had moved through time.  I still wasn’t sure how much I had aged in the process itself, so I left that out, not wanting to add in a random 20-30 days.

With the help of the buffets, and good sleep, I had managed to get myself back to looking like a functioning member of society. Even if I had just enjoyed a two night bender, it was better than the drug-addled look a week earlier.

One of the things that I am surprised by in this time, is the food.  I’ve been eating buffet food, so I had expected it to be gross, and arguably the recipes and cook times are off, but everything does taste fresher than anything I had in 2010 or before.  Also, junk food tastes like food.  I had a prepackaged cupcake and it tasted like a cupcake and not some stale piece of sponge-y brick.


Destiny’s friend, who wouldn’t tell me his name, is supposed to meet me in an hour at cafe across from Destiny’s spot.  After that, my hope is to go buy a car.  There is a silver 1976 Honda Accord hatchback over in a used car-lot off of the strip.  My first car was 1989 Accord, that my grandmother had bought new, and then gave to my parents, and then when I got my license in 2001, it became my car, until getting passed on to Sam when I went off to college.  We had largely been a Honda family, and so I thought when I saw it this shiny silver combination of egg and box, that it would be a good car for me to buy. Once that’s all settled, I’m going to drive back to Massachusetts.  No more buses.

I have $500 ready for Destiny’s friend, and another $100 ready for her to thank her for all her help this week.  Not only had she been able to get me in touch with the right people, but in the process of us trying to not look like I was picking her up, she managed to become the closest thing I’d had to a friend in the past two weeks.

Along with the $100, I had written down my name, and that she’d be able to look me up in Lynnfield Ma, if she was ever in the area, or needed anything.

One thing that I am going to miss about Las Vegas, is the mildness of the winter, I know when I return home, I won’t be greeted with anything resembling this.  That reminds me, I need to verify that the heat is working properly in the hatchback before I purchase it.

Alright, I need to get ready to meet Destiny and her friend.

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